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1. How to Become Stable In a Unstable World - 5 Ways to Stay Anchored

June 09, 2020 Josh Hallmark
The Oaks
1. How to Become Stable In a Unstable World - 5 Ways to Stay Anchored
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We live in turbulent times. Learn 5 things to remember when you don't know what to do.

1. Fall Back on the Things You Know Are True
2. Do the Things You Know to Do
3. Simplify
4. Remember What God Has Done
5. Ask God for the Next Step

Listening to another podcast. 


Remember this message from Isaiah chapter 61. 


God takes the seeds of brokenness and turns them in the ultra Rogers. 


And that too. 


My talk is how to become stable in an unstable world. 


And this to you guys real quick so this past week. Our family went to. We went to this and of course we didn't work we work down there but we try to play when we get home as well. And we did some we never done before. 


We ran it. 


And we're happy with that. And so, I would consider myself a fisherman becomes a freshwater, I don't know. I mean I've been deep sea fishing. I don't know anything about saltwater fishing. I stayed up till three ABMs re spooling all our reels I bought a couple new reels, and and fixing these Carolina result. And the swivel float deals and I call a buddy of mine is a big time fisherman, he acts as a captain of the boat. Can you tell me how to catch fish on the day. And so, anyways I'm really trying to calm the learning curve, because I want to catch some fish. And we have a great time oh we we did a. 


We did a good sum last year. 


And we probably call out on the four hour period. And so we have a blast. There is mostly Japanese, you know, we're trying to read vision and spec to try out but, no, no, no, guys. 


But some other things we didn't know there were there was a lot of fun. At the end of the day, the kids actually got to see me. So I got a couple fishing poles that I've had. 


rod and read them floating away. I'm an 


And I swap holes and rods. But when I saw that rod, go over because the fish folded over me. 


hour, I'm gonna tell you guys if you guys have like Santa Claus, or whatever. You used to be fishing. You guys probably laugh at me but our whole crew. We did all I did. That one is when inadvertedly there. Our whole crew is kind of. 


We were a little bit apprehensive like you know that we're fishing on the base, we're not the ocean, we were in the hatchery bed, which is huge, but it's about 30 miles long, and most of the waters, not really, you know, most often a lot a lot of places were at the, you know, to the bottom and a lot of places. But we were all just a little apprehensive, because to be in the right, this is just details. 


First of all, I realized that I'm in those kind of water so I'm a little bit nervous. And then I can feel my pole it's like it's like I couldn't see all the sudden because I've been in the water now, and I'm reaching for my pole and it's not there in the thing that I've been aware of the whole day is the tide pooling or the, what do you call the undertone or currents, to the current even in the bay is all day long. We've been pulled along and. 


So when I jumped in. 


Anyway, I was afraid you're in a pretty big body is a pretty big body of water right. I'm afraid we're going to get far from the book, I'm going to get too far from the boat to save my rod and I dove in as soon as you know ginger said I look kind of distressed that was the word. 


See us save the poll. 


There was a facial. And I turned it over to one of the kids. 


And we had a guest with something that when he was captains, by the way, just so you know your kids catfish notion. They're little fans that come on right here, your stuff but let's have toxins on the nose. 


So speaking of camera we did go over where you guys stayed before. 


I think it was close to there was something I learned in my whole fishing time of this, I want to do it again. By the way, I have a whole lot of fun, because most places we stopped we start pitching food we didn't catch any prize fish with us like kids fish. Fish It was fun. Anyway, get on some of them. 


And even during worship this morning phrases in my mind is the tides of change. 


What I realized though is that the tides, actually stimulate fish to buy. And because what they do is they unsettle everything. 


precedented change things that are going on with COVID-19, because our whole lives are interrupted, in a sense, and we went on shut down, but really it was not shut down it's transitioning just to the norms, and after, you know. 


And, and I feel like, one thing that we need to know or understand is that we're in.