The Oaks Church, Josh Hallmark

The Oaks Interative, Week 4, Interview with Songwriter, Producer, Author, Anthony Skinner

May 03, 2020 Josh Hallmark
The Oaks Church, Josh Hallmark
The Oaks Interative, Week 4, Interview with Songwriter, Producer, Author, Anthony Skinner
The Oaks Church, Josh Hallmark
The Oaks Interative, Week 4, Interview with Songwriter, Producer, Author, Anthony Skinner
May 03, 2020
Josh Hallmark

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Good Morning Oaks families. It is Easter Sunday. Here the oats turns. And it is also episode number four of the Oaks Interactive. So glad to see this morning. We're gonna have a great, great Easter Sunday. Happy Easter, man. Got a guest coming up soon. First, let me talk to you about a couple of things that will make this experience a little bit for you. Number one, Remember, this is our church service. So my encouragement, Teoh, is to stop, slow down, gather your people, gather your family and let's have some time together. Here also interact with me. Listen, I need a good amen. I need all the help I can get. And it will also help you also remember. Look for something that the Lord is speaking to you about today. God is speaking. So believe him to speak something to you today. And then finally, we will have a song at the end and my encouragement to you Is this inter end of that? All right now I want to start today, actually with a reading from Scripture. This is from Luke, Chapter 24 Verse one. This is what it says on the first day of the week Very early in the morning the women took the spices they had prepared and went to the tomb. They found the stone rolled away from the tune. But when they entered they did not find the body of the world. Jesus! While they were wondering about all this suddenly to me and clothed with gleaming and light, they glean I'm sorry. Suddenly two men and closed that gleam like lightning stood beside them and they're fried. Women bowed down with their faces to the ground. But the men said, Why do you look for the living? I'm under there. He is not here. Remember how we told you that while he was still in Galilee, the son of man must first be delivered into the hands of Simple Man Just once more. He is the here he is risen from the dead. Just a Z said What happened? Come see where his body was lying. All right? Yes, Lord, he is risen. He is risen. Indeed. Now I know that our kids, hopefully they all received a little care package in the mail this week. But I wanted to take just a moment before we get to our special guest for today and play a friendly game of Easter egg Mehan. Now, what this game works is you have 15 seconds in the 15 seconds, kids, I want you to count how many Easter eggs you confined? I'm sorry. We're not able to hide eggs at church this year. So this is your Easter egg hunt? At least. Uh, Pastor Josh. All right. Are you ready? It said go. Five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 11 12 13 14 15. Okay, male. I'm gonna go ahead and reveal how many Easter eggs everybody give your best. Yes, first. Listen, if anybody gets this right, I won't know about. Let's count about. First of all, there's one, 234567 eight, nine, 11. Well, their team work team, if Dean 16 17 18 19 21 two. Don't miss the golden egg. 23. Is that what you got? You got 23. You almost got it right. But there's not. There's one more. When a o. R 24 total Hope you didn't. Well, all right now, guys, without any further ado, I have a very, very special guest for us on Easter service this year. And it isn't his name's Anthony Skinner. Anthony Skinner song. I'm just playing, uh, which is you. Love never fails. You guys have heard that would play that in a church? A number a number of times. Anthony. He has a rich, rich deposit in. He is a incredible musician and incredible songwriter producer. A lot of a lot of songs for a lot of women artists. But Anthony really carry something special on the inside of him. And I'm so excited. Have him with us. The UPS interactive today. So without any further ado, one second when you make that go away. Well done. Here's a Uh huh. All right. Hey.

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Uh huh. All right. Hey, Josh. Homme like, how are you doing, man? Oh, man, I'm doing great. How amazing is it for us to have Anthony Skinner with us and the Oaks Interactive today? Brother is going to be with you. Good to see your face. It's been too long. Oh, man, it has been It has been. Listen, guys, I want to tell you all something I just started thinking about Guess tohave in the Oaks Interactive. And whenever I thought about Anthony I just felt like something lit up on the inside of me. And so and they'd have you with us. And our Easter serviceman were so happy. Oh, man, I'm blessed to be with you all. Absolutely. Yeah. So, Anthony, for those you guys that don't know him, some of you remember him being at church with us. Anthony is Ah. Hey, is a musician, a songwriter, a producer, a writer? He's a pastor. He's a dad, and he is a husband. And he's a son. He is somebody that is really embraced. The revelation of son ship. And anyway, Antley's also just one of my favorite people. And that's why I see her on the Oaks Interactive. Uh, sweet man. Thank you so much. Tell us what you been up to recently, Anthony. Um well, it pastor, the worship team at Church of the City here in Franklin, Tennessee. And, um so that's everything from, um creating, overseeing that creative community. Um, calling out the gold and all those people love doing that, uh, championing creatives. Uh, we have five churches in Nashville and one in New York City. And, ah, I have been, uh, one of the teaching pastors at our Sylvan Park Church since September of last year, so I've been busy teaching as well. And then one of the things that I really, really love that I'm doing is I have a group ah called a cohort of creative leaders. And it's everything from Grammy Award winning producers to, um, guys who run international nonprofits to guys who manage huge hedge funds. And, um, we, uh, we get together every Thursday and we use four tools. Um, God help us access our heart show up to ourselves. We practice with each other and, uh, we practice with each other in an environment where there's no co dependency so that we can go home with the ones that we love and be our best Selves for them. And, ah, all about, uh, integration and transforming into, uh, the most like Jesus we can become on this Earth. And so that's been really, really fun experience to see people just blooming. So, uh, I love that, So that's that's kind of where I've been. Of course, I'm still writing songs with metal music, um, and produce a podcast called Typology that that focuses on transformation and growth as Well, so what? The phone? Yeah, check out Anthony's podcast. Um, I didn't know about it until we were talking earlier. You said it has 10 million downloads. Yep. We're we're just a few away from hitting 10 million. Yeah, that is amazing. That's great. And it's about the any a grand, which I look forward to learning more, but I've heard about it. But I look forward toa learning more about that. I love that kind of stuff. Ginger and I, um, have done the life languages, and that's really humble for us. So anyway, listen, Anthony, I just would love to hear um uh, just your thoughts just about the cross where we're Easter by the resurrection. You guys. One thing just to mention about And the Anthonys a person to me that has deep the revelation about the Lord Jesus. And, you know, um I heard and things testimony before and just hearing how the Lord drew you in. And, um, anyway, this guy, one of the things that I love about Anthony is he is Ah, he is somebody, that is Ah, he is an authentic person. And there is like, a seasoning to his soul. um there is something about, um, just the the goodness of God. And I'll say this to this is, I guess do introductions for you, Anthony. But, um, when I think about Anthony, what he does, there's such a clarity and a purity, and there's something pristine about what he produces. Even I listening his music. There's a clean this and the clarity about it. But I feel like all these things are like a nowt working of, ah, of his person and who he is. And ah, it's one of the things I love about you, Anthony. Is it? You're not just talented, but that there is Ah, all right. There's character and competence. There's two sides of you. Um, the real thing, bro. So we appreciate you, So I'd love to just you talk about Easter a little bit. Well, one of the things that, uh, we've been focusing on is the seven statements of Jesus. The I am statements. And, um, one of the things that I have been working on with said earlier leaders, uh, it's all about, um this has been You probably heard me say this, But the most powerful place we can live in the present and, ah, a lot of times we tend to worry too much about the past regret. We kind of live in regret of the past or fear of the future. And we miss out on the present. And, ah, in my and group are constantly talking about showing up to the present, like, Where are you right now and being able to identify where I am right now? And that's some about see Jesus statement of I am Z, you know? Ah, it's maybe playing around with those words just a little bit, but one of the things that I have been just pondering on and we talked about this earlier where I just love toe, take time and contemplate and break down scriptures. And, ah, one of the I am statements is when Peter walked on the water and when Jesus was walking on the water and the the the Disciples were all afraid, and we all know the story, Um, they thought it was a ghost, and Scripture actually says Jesus told him to take courage. It is I don't be afraid. And the actual Hebrew there, he said, to be courageous, I am. He actually made a declaration of who he waas, right? He said I am. And, um, it's the idea of, you know, I I, um there's a practice I've been doing. I just did this with my family than your day I have a candle. I wish I had it for me to pretty illustration, but out a candle as to its And, um, I was doing a devotion with family this week, and we light one week and we say, uh, we like this. And kids as you you see this flame and the same way that you see this flame. If you could see Jesus like you could see him as clear as this flame. He's as present with us as this flame is. And then as we like the other one, uh, it will represent the fact that we're not defined by the darkness but were defined by the light. And, um, Jesus is, uh, with us. I mean, I'm thankful for, um, the Holy Week and thankful for Good Friday where we, um, enter into Jesus of sufferings with him. But of course, that wouldn't mean anything. If we don't have Easter morning, that wouldn't mean anything if we don't have the resurrection. Right? Um where, uh, where The scripture says that the spirit of God filled Jesus the same spirit that as we've been us now and raised him from the dead so that he is present with us now so that we can be present in whatever situation that we're in so that we can have joy even in the middle of a trying time like this. Because he is present with us. We can be present now. We don't have to fear tomorrow. It's another thing that I love. Ah, that I have been praying through. And maybe we could do this before we're done. But I've been praying through the Lord's Prayer. Yeah, and one of the things I love about, uh, the Lord's Prayer is that, um when the When the disciples said Jesus teach us to pray, right. And he prayed for this day, right? He prayed for what? What he needed for today. God, give us what we need for today. And it's the juice is telling us something there. He's not saying Will you provide for us for tomorrow? You know, it's like if you give yeah, this day so, like, if you and think about it, if you had if your kids uh if you found, um, like, you know, across the cornflakes or Cheerios or cocoa pucks in their room, like hidden from you. And you were to say like, Well, now, why are you where you hiding these in your room? You know, when they were to tell you what just gonna make sure I have some for tomorrow. I want to make sure have food for tomorrow. You would be concerned you would be concerned, and you'd want them to know that they don't have to worry about. And our father is the same way. And Jesus modelled this for us by teaching us to pray for today trusting that tomorrow we will again pray for today, right? So anyway, just I'm saying all that to say it's ah, it's kind of a heart my heart kind of gushing But I'm responding to your question as I'm pondering Jesus in this day and age are in this time that we're in and on this Easter Sunday I am so grateful that he is I am that he is present with us, right? It's not I Waas, right? I will be. He is I am is always I am. He's always present with us which empowers us to be present to ourselves and to show up in power in this day as believers in Jesus as well. So anyway, yeah, that's gets tuh heart is full. So let me ask you just real quick. Is there anything that the Lord is just specifically speaking to you about during this time and Florentine like like If there's if you want to look, you know, descended the camera and speak to our people in terms of you know what to believe God. Four. During this time. Yes, So I would really encourage everyone. This is I would say, that has been one of my primary prayers is Ah, there are their challenges. We're all faced with challenges during this time, but there are hidden treasures that are available to all of us during this time and my prayer has been award. I don't want to get on the other side of this because there will be a time when we get back to normal. It might be a new normal might be a little different, but we're definitely going to get back to two things speeding up in our lives again. For sure, that's guaranteed. Um and I would just hate to get on the other side of this and to not have found Jesus in this season where where there is more time, whether it's more time with our with our Selves, with God, with our spouses, with friends, with family, with Children. Um, and to not going to have a side of this and to have been asking the question, which is the most important question to ask. What are you doing right now in this season? What are you doing right now? During this day, What is in your heart to produce in me toe? Where do you want to see? Um, me grow Because their seeds that you've put in me there's treasures that you didn't me that are that are set to bloom during this time when I when I embrace you three faith. And so to make sure that we don't get on the other side of this time and have a loss that window, uh, is really important to be right now. Oh, man. You know, just while you're talking about that, Anthony. Um And just if I could stop and just speak to our people for a second, just I just felt like the Lord. Just when you're talking to, say, stop, stop, Just stop And don't miss this moment You're so right is that when this moments over, we're moving all their there will be that time you're like, I guess it goes back to what you were saying earlier about living in the present. It's so easy for us to think about our our relationship with God in terms of another context. But we have to stop and see our relationship with God in this moment. In this very context in this very place, even if it happens to be at our house in quarantine, on his right, us. No. And the Lord is present here and that there's a verse that came in my mind. You might help me remember exactly what it was. But I think it was after Jesus came into Jerusalem and he wept over Jerusalem because they did not recognize the Lord at his coming are there. I forget exactly how it says it, but we don't have missed Jesus when he shows up our city or our our time. You know that verse in, um, acts chapter 17 1 of my favorite verses is that God is ordain times and places, um, so that men might search for him and find him there. It's like there's the wind and the where God has ordained those winds in the wares so that we would actually groped for him. It says in King James, I think, and find him there. Anyway, that's good stuff, Anthony. I love what you're saying. They're too, because I think there are, You know, you mentioned earlier, Uh, a good quiets. There's so much, So much is in a good question. I mean, it's just like a great question, you know, uh, reveals a lot. And I think there's something God wants to do in each one of us. But there's something that God wants to do throughout the world, in our community, uh, and drop the world through us. And one of the questions my kids and I were pondering on good Friday Ah, together was When is the last time you've wept for something that is not a got you or does not involve you personally, right? When have you went for something other than yourself? Something bigger than yourself. And I think it's like, God, what are you doing in me? And this season and God, what are you doing throughout the earth that you're asking me to be a part of a bigger part of from my heart large so that I can agree with you in prayer and action for transformation in this time? Because God wants to bring deliverance, healing and salvation to the to the earth. Uh, through his son, Jesus and through us, uh, sharing the message. Right? And that's good stuff. Listen, Anthony, would you mind before, you know, add, I asked Anthony earlier if he would share a song with us today while he's while he's here, But But before we go to that, would you mind just taking a moment, Anthony and just praying for our people? Just that we catch some of this that you're talking about. I'd love to. And can I do it in the context of of leading people through the Lord's Prayer? Absolutely. And what's so? What I'll do is I will, um, for a and you all can echo and then I might take a moment and pray, you know, pray over people and then move back into the Lord's Prayer. And I'll just instruct us as we go along. Is that okay? Sounds great. And just a word of advice for our people. Remember, this is this is interactive. So I want to encourage you. Just tow to speak back. Um, as we move through this. Yet wherever you are in your homes, whether you're by yourself or with your family, uh, would encourage you all to to speak. Um, along with Josh as he echoes what I'm saying. And the thing that I love about this is how I always start this. I love that when the disciples said Jesus, would you teach us? They saw his prayer life and they said, We want tohave that, like, How do you do that? Right. So that's the question he could have started with my God, But he didn't. He said, father, and he didn't say my He said, Our our father, our father. So we want to come to him today as a child, fully trusting that he will hear us and that you will answer our prayers as Children come to a father because that's what we're doing, right? So here we go our father, our father, beyond the farthest star beyond the farther star and also closer to me than I am to myself and also closer to me than I am to myself. May your name be cherished and loved. May your name be cherished and loved Mayor, Mayor rule be completed and fulfilled in us May you rule be completed and full field in us And as we think about the, um the Corona virus and the crew devised throughout the world and even with ourselves in our communities as we go to the store for praying for people that are hospitals, we want to say this May your will rule the atmosphere. May your will rule the atmosphere just like it is done in heaven just like it's done in heaven. And then now we're gonna ask for God to provide for us. There's many of us that have needs and we don't know necessarily where the supplies going to come from. But we know that God supplies all of our needs according to his riches. So we pray, give us today the things we need for today. Give us today the things that we need for today. Give us the bread we need for today. Give us the bread we need for today. And of course, we're in close quarters and there's a lot of tensions that we may not normally have. So we want to pray this and forgive us our impositions on you and forgive us our impositions on you. Just a zweiri forgiving those who impose upon us just as we're forgiving those who impose upon us. And of course I love Jesus prayed this part and that he taught us to pray this Aziz Well, please don't lead us into trouble. Please don't lead us into trouble but deliver us from everything bad but deliver us from everything bad for you are the one in charge for you are the one in charge. You are the king. You are the king. All the power is all yours. All the power is all yours and the glory to in the glory to forever Forever A man A man. Yes, Lord, Uh, who? That's good stuff. Really gets, uh that, my friends, is the Lord's prayer. Yeah, so good. So, Anthony, um, when I was thinking about having you on our, uh are our episode are the Oaks Interactive is the song is in my mind is a song he wrote called Tell me the story And I was wondering Do you think you might do that song for us today? You know what? Let me grab a guitar. Hang on a second. Uh, you happen to So this song, uh, I am I love that I've had the the blessing of having to some of the most amazing voices record some of my songs from, You Know, Sisi Wine Ends Toe Teoh. Someone like Kim Walker Smith who actually recorded this song on her Christmas project. A swell of some others that she's recorded But this song came from Ah, actually a pre existing song. I love Fanny Crosby. She's a writer of a lot of our great hams, And, uh, I was playing around one of her hems one day and rewrote melodies a melody and chord to like old Tell me a story, Jesu Yeah, right on my heart that we were here and tell me a story. Most pressure sweetest, that ever with her tell Happy Angels and Korea saying as they welcome his bird. Glory to God, huh? Peace and good tidings. Tell of the cross with a nail robbing in anguish and pain. Tell of the grey with a later. So how we live it again? Oh, uh, in this story, So 10 day there never see staying. Let me we While you whisper. Okay, well paid the ransom love. Pay the ransom for me. Mm. Thank you, Lord. Lord, we just want to tell you. Thank you. Dying on the cross. Thank you for being raised from the dead. Thank you for being present with us this very day. Hey, man. Jesus Wear. So, so glad to have you today. Thank you for stopping in with us in our Easter service at the Oaks Church. Thanks for having me. Good to be with you all love you guys.

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All right. That was good stuff. Uh huh. So listen, what we're gonna do now before we move into our communion time, let me just remind you about giving at the pope's dot org's slash given. Thank you. Continued faithfulness and even you can also give by texting on amount to 4 to 4. Hopes of gov or mail in your tithes and offerings 20 to 1 executive part. Drive up a lot at 36 one. Don't forget what zoom call shortly. And today we decided to share in communion. And as we do this, you can go ahead and get juice and bread, crackers, whatever you're using and we're gonna have sort of a response of reading. And so you'll see a verse that I read in, Um why letters And then in blue, that would be the part that you say. And at the end of that warm will receive our commune. Okay, you ready? And he took bread, gave thanks and broke it and gave it to them saying This is my body given for you do this and remembrance of me and together Lord, we remember in the same way after separate took his cup saying This is the cut in the new covenant in my blood which is poured out for you, Lord way, remember? And he took bread, gave thanks. He broke and gave them saying this is my body given the you do this in remembrance of me, Lord, we believe and in the same way after separate took the Cup, said This is the cup of the new covenant in my blood. Lord, we believe now, as we read this next part way to actually take the bread he took the bread and gave thanks and broke it and gave it to them, saying This is my body given for you do this and remembers Let's say this together more. You receive the same way. After the supper, he took the cup saying This is the cup is the new covenant in my blood which is poured out for you. You can take the cup board we received. Thank you, Lord, for your body and blood. Thank you, Father. Jesus died on the cross and was raised today. Friends, I love you. Take you out on a song by Anthony. Have a great Easter. Your family hug. Call someone. Call your pants too Happy Easter. Your job. Somebody today, O r. I Thank you, Annabelle. And for the background music today

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he isn't here. He

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has risen from the dead just as he said would happen. Come and see where his body was. Happy Easter. My the Lord bless you to keep you make this very shine on you turn to you and be gracious to you. Give me peace. I bless you In Jesus name, we all haven't. Awesome, Awesome Easter.