The Oaks Church, Josh Hallmark

The Oaks Interactive - Episode 3, Interview with Tony Wakefield, God's Promise of Rest

May 03, 2020 Josh Hallmark
The Oaks Church, Josh Hallmark
The Oaks Interactive - Episode 3, Interview with Tony Wakefield, God's Promise of Rest
The Oaks Church, Josh Hallmark
The Oaks Interactive - Episode 3, Interview with Tony Wakefield, God's Promise of Rest
May 03, 2020
Josh Hallmark

Incredible interview with one of the Grace Center pastors regarding God's rest during the quarantine.

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Incredible interview with one of the Grace Center pastors regarding God's rest during the quarantine.

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I'm Josh Hallmark, and I want to thank you for listening to one of the oaks podcasts. Remember this message from Isaiah? Chapter 61 God takes the seeds of Brokenness and turns them in the hopes of righteousness. And that's you and Jerusalem leading into Holy Week, where Jesus was crucified, buried and then raised from the dead on Easter, which will celebrate next week anyway, Palm Sunday. Why do they call it Palm Sunday? Glad you asked. So Jesus is about to enter into Drew some. This is kind of at a height of his ministry. Excuse me On, um, Jesus says, find me a cold. A donkey's actually fulfilling a prophecy from Zachariah, Chapter nine and how he would enter in instead of entering a horse like a lot of kings would do. When they were proclaiming themselves to be kings, he entered on a donkey and a cold even. And the verse in, um, Zachariah speaks about Jesus. Humility and he was coming in in a different way. He was coming in a peaceful way. And the people hey, just raised Lazarus from the dead. So there was a lot of buzz in the air about this Keane, this messiah and his disciples took palm branches and put their cloaks, their coats in front of Jesus. As he was walking in on the donkey, Andi put palm branches down in front of him, and also there were waving palm branches. It makes me think you've seen the things that people use that ballgame. Sometimes they hit him together. The noisemakers. I think that palm branches were kind of like that For them, they were raising their hands and praising God. When I think of the triumphal entry, what I think of is exuberant praise. That's what was happening. The disciples that were so excited. It was like a spirit of revelation hit them that this is the Messiah. This is the king. And anyway, we're so excited to celebrate today for that, let me just mention next Sunday, we will be sharing in communion on Easter Sunday. So that means from your home you will leave to get some bread. You can use crackers and grape juice if you would like. Um, if you're looking for a type of bread that we using communion, it's called Mozza bread, and, uh, it is in the ethnic section of your grocery store crackers will do and use, though. The main thing Jesus says to do this in remembrance of me. So that's next Sunday. No, I've got an exciting interview today on just a little bit. We're gonna hear, um, we're gonna hear from a special guest. And so just a minute. Let me share something with you real quick. This is just a reminder of how to make the best of this experience. Number one. Remember that. Theo's Interactive This is our church service. This is what we're doing for church. So my encouragement to you are folks families. Teoh, get your family Stop. Slow down Now, if your kitchen is in the middle of the week next week totally Listen to this on the fly, I get something out of it. But if this is your worship experience for Sunday, my encouragement to slow down, interact with me Talk to me a man me think about the things that I'm saying. And look for one thing that the Lord speak to you today about you know, you don't have to overcomplicate it. You have to get too much from our time together. But it would be nice if the Lord gave you something that would help you during the week, So think about that. And then one more thing I want to mention is this, um enter into our worship time at the end of the this video, I'll play a worship song at my encouragement to you is to enter into I think my favorite thing last week was at the end of my family was actually watching this on the couch. And, you know, I really enjoyed the interview with David and Anna Bill and hearing what they were sharing. And I received a lot from that, actually. But at the end, I just stretch my feet out. I just laid my hand on my chest and I really just got steel. Just begin to listen to the worship music and just kind of let it play over me, if you will. And, uh, we're finished was Oh, man, I feel like of I've been with God's people. I've been with the Lord. I feel encouraged. So anyway, the Holy Spirit has a way of doing that. 20 way. I want to take just a moment of silence here before we move on. We want to just honor those people that fought bravely. Battle of Costco. 2020 80. I hope you guys were hanging in there. I hope you find until the paper in groceries. Do you remember, though? Is this time Ware's on? Remember to wash your hands. Remember to be careful Steel, and this will pay off soon as we're able to come back together now for my special yesterday. It's none other than Tony Wakefield. Tony is a great guy and hey is a pastor Grace Center and we'll talk about that. But anyway, what I wanted to do is just open your hearts to Tony. This is an interview that I had with Tony just one second make myself small here in this welcome Tony Wakefield record. Now here we G o ladies and gentlemen, we're so so happy to have Tony Wakefield on the other end of this everybody tool apparatus. Tony, let me just say something about Tony real quick. Tony is one of the senior leaders at Grace Center Church are Cover Church in Franklin, Tennessee, and he's also just one of the greatest people in the entire world. And one thing I was thinking about Tony, just before you taught tone use. If I have one word that I would attach to Tony, it is kindness. I think that's one of the fruits of the spirit that you just exude, Tony. And so anyway, we're so so happy to have you as a part of the Oaks Interactive here on Palm Sunday. So first of all tells what is going on with Do you? How are you? How are you guys doing? Um, adjusting to life.

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Yeah. Actually, we're doing really great. I mean, this is a really bad time. There's no way around that. And yet, personally, it's like we've got this forced rest, and, uh, doesn't mean we're not busy where we're busy. Lorena Lawrence, my wife, Lauren are both working from home. And so it's busy time, but we've transitioned and all of our family is safe and healthy and hunker down like everybody else out there. And, uh so we're doing really well. It's been a busy time transitioning the church from a physical church to a virtual church. Yeah, that feels like that. A lot of that transition is behind us, and so now we're just, you know, we've got a new norm and we're living that ignore.

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Yes, we dio. So I would be interested in hearing. By the way, Tony just posted this past week finding on Facebook. He just posted a Where is the word for the day? Is that what it's

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called today? Yeah, yes, that's one of the things that great center is doing. We're connecting with people through social media. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube were posting different things throughout the week and every day were a pastor's take turns doing a word the day. So yes.

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So if you just go, just do a search for Gray Center on Facebook and look at their pace. Actually have all those listed and I will show that. But I was listening to Tony's and Tony. You had a great, great word from Leviticus. And one thing I've been thinking about, it's just God's redemptive purposes for this time way. Know that, Um uh, even in the midst of something that is man made or something, that is that is demonically made that the Lord still uses all things for good those that love him. And I would just love to hear you talk just just for a moment just about what you were sharing in that one thought. It's a powerful

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verse from Leviticus, of all places. What a great, great passage. Yeah, yeah, I'll be happy to. So you want me? Oh, just share that 20

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nine. Or if you just want to comment on it, whatever you want. Todo

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Yeah, OK, um well, I am gonna I am gonna share from this is Leviticus 25 I'm I'm looking at my Bible. Nowhere is, uh, uh, reading out of this is the n i v and s o. This was, um it's but I guess it's been a couple of weeks now that I was reading and it's daily battle rating. It's not like the Lord Tony Goto Leviticus. You know, a lot of times, Leviticus and numbers. I'll be honest with the only read that pretty much when it's in my daily reading plan. But I was reading Leviticus 25 to where it says speech of the Israel Lights State. And then when you enter the land, I'm going to give you the land itself. Must observe a Sabbath to the war for six years. So your fields and for six years prim your menus and gather their crops. But in the seventh year, get a load of this. But in the seventh year, the land is toe. Have a year of Sabbath rest a Sabbath of war? Do not so your fields or praying your vineyards do not reap what grows of itself or harvested grapes of your intended binds. The land is toe having your arrest, whatever the land yields doing. The status of your will be food for you, for yourself, your male and female servants and the higher worker in temporary residents who live among you as well as for your livestock while dams in your land. Whatever the land produces. Maybe. And I read that and I thaw. Just think about the Lord asking his people not to, basically not to provide for themselves for an entire year. Wow. And it felt that felt very a modern time because that's that's what we're being forced to do way can't work. A lot of us can't work. Some of us can work from home, and some can't eso were being affected by that, and, um, and it just hit me. The Lord almost daring the people to trust him. Come on. And, uh, I feel closely acquainted that I feel like that's the time we're in where the Lord is inviting us very intimately and closely and very personally and in a very real way to trust him. And then So I was just sitting there just thinking about the reality of that requirement to him, the land rest every seventh year. And you know what that means is, you know you don't have anything in the eighth year either. So it's like that's like a two year, two year out there, you know, trust. And then down in verse. Twinning, he says. You may ask. I find humor in the Lord. I think he says funny things. I think he's not all like, I think he I think he gets since he knows this and he's like, it's kind of funny, he says. You may ask, What will we eat in the seventh year? Well, of course they're

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asking that

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Yeah, on, uh, enemy my condition math in the eighth year two. So he says, Uh, what will we eat in the seventh year if we do not plant or harvest our crops, and that's a great question. And that's that's kind of what a lot of us are asking right now. Uh, you know what? What is it gonna look like? And he says this. He says I will send you such a blessing in the sixth year that the land would yield enough for three years while you plant. During that eight year, you will eat from the old crop and will continue to eat from it until the harvest of the ninth year comes in. Wow. So there's this invitation to trust, But then he says, I'm not just gonna provide for you in this moment. I'm gonna provide for you in this moment and in the next three moments, Like like I'm playing checkers in the Lord's playing chess, Yeah, thinking several steps ahead and his and what he promises is that his his provision is gonna be abundant. It's not just for us, you know, if you you know, if you listen to all the people and all the things that he said it would provide for, it's like you're livestock. The wild animals. I mean, female servants, male servants, hired workers, temporary residents like everybody's gonna be fed out of his abundance on his ample supply. And

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I'll tell you something, just while you're talking, I feel like that I'm picking up the scent. I'm like a hound dog here of what the Lord has already been saying to our church. You know, we talked last Sunday during The Oaks Interactive about God's promise of rest. And,

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you know, it says in, um

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Hebrews, Chapter four, that there remains a wrist for the people of God. And what you're talking about is there's this correlation. There's this connection between rest and trust. Yeah, and you know, someone else that I thought of why you're talking and Tony is that, um that this passage says that God provided in the six year, and it just makes me wonder should we stop and take stock and what God has already provided us and see that there could be resource is that we already have been given that were produced in the 60 year, if you will, that that are keys to helping us step forward into this next little bit in the next. You know, however long this is think Oh, maybe maybe their answers that the Lord has already given us and we just haven't discovered. Oh, that's there. I can do this, or I can do that. And, you know, would you just right now, just while we're here, I just I'm starting to feel the Lord's presence here. Would you just pray for us and

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for our church, For

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anybody else that's watching this. Just that we would be able to recognize where the Lord has provided us and also that we can access that that trust. You know, the the verse in Hey, Bruce forces that they they are says we rather inter into his wrist by faith. And that's that trust component

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you're talking about, Tony. Yeah. Yeah, I'd be happy to. Would be great. Yeah, I'd be happy to pray. Yeah, so, uh, um So, Father, I, um I just thank you so much that you're here. Thank you. That your name your name is I am with you. Your name is Emmanuel. I am with you. It's a lot. That's not just a That's not just a promise. That's just not something that we get to hold onto with their heads. That's a revelation of who you are to spore us that you can't not be with us. You said you'll never leave us or forsake us. And so not for a second are we alone? But we're with you and father right now. I just got to stay. There's there's been very few other times in my life when I'm more needed a sense of your being with me then right now. And so, Father, in the name of Jesus, I just to everyone within the sound of my voice I ask you, Jesus, to address loneliness Any place where we're feeling lonely where we're feeling isolated Yeah, we're I thank you that that's that's actually a really good road son to say, Reach out and touch someone, reach out and connect with somebody, but especially to connect with you. And so, Father, I pray that during this on where we could be prone where I am prone to feel lonely, that you will, by your grace and mercy help me be connected with you with others and with myself and that, uh, that Father, this will be a time of arrest where I'm able to reestablish connection and connective tissue with you and with others and with myself. Father, I thank you that there is great mystery right now about what's going on and a lot of the unknown and father. I thank you that in the middle of that mystery we can know who you are. We can know that you're kind. We can know that you're good. We can know that you are true to your word. And you said I will provide for you. And so, Father, that's what we stand on. We stand on the fact that you're gonna back up your own word and so father, anyplace where there's anxiety, where there is depression, where there's any any place I'm just calling it down. There is potential for this downward pressure. Your father, I pray. I just want to say into the spiritual atmosphere over myself, my family, my church and over Josh Ginger on and the family of the oaks. And whoever is listening to this that the joy of the Lord is our strength. Speak out into the spiritual atmosphere that the joy of the Lord, that the compassion of Jesus Christ, who paid for everything that's sufficient for everything. Lord Jesus, that you is our defense attorney, which, speaking in the spiritual atmosphere over each one of us. Ah, message of joy. And that you would break off any spirit of depression, of despair of of, uh, unexplained sadness. And I pray, Lord Jesus, that you would just be the ward over this time the space, this domain over each one of us, and that the spiritual atmosphere would shift from one of darkness and gloom toe one of light hope and an expectation of good to come. I thank you, father, that you're with us even in really, really revisited. These are hard times, Father and Andi. I thank you that you with us, even in the middle of things that are beyond our record, reckoning and beyond our understanding that you're there with us. And that's where we plant our flag. That's where we put our trust. And I just say, As for me, and my are hoping our trust is in the ward. And so, Father, I just thank you for this sweet family. Thank you for Josh and Ginger in their leadership and who they are. And father bless their family. And for all of us. Lord, I speak the blood of Jesus to stand between us and this virus. That's a lot of Jesus will stand between us, our families, all those we care about in this virus and or the jewels, and that you will show great mercy. And that's that. This virus will just be eradicated from from the face of the earth and from humankind. So we bless you, Lord. We thank you for being with us in Jesus name. Amen.

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A man. All right, Tony, thank you so much. We really appreciate your time today. Let me just say, um called Tony, and he was just quick to say Yes, I would love toe be part of your your church of service and this interview in any way. Do we just really love and appreciate you? Please give our love to your wife Laura as well. And, uh, anything else you want to say, Tony, Just speak to the people, anything or anything. Just

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that any any closing thoughts? Well, I'll just say this s o, um pretty early on, when this thing started up, you know, you get the still small voice is where the Lord just kind of comes and speaks to you or something bubbles up. And I felt this this statement come up And it was What? Does God have a sleeve? Yeah, what is he up to? And this is bad. Y'all, This is really, really bad. People really are dying. And I think, uh, there's a you know, there's a place to acknowledge this is bad and actually gotten loves force to cry out and say, This is bad Help us. But in the middle of all of this bad and what just feel so devil inspired so demonic is I do I do think the world has something up asleep and, um and I don't know what it is, but I do believe that whatever the devil serves up, that is perfect raw material for God to do something incredibly great and wonderful. And I think he's doing something in the King of the Shifting the Kingdom. And Andi, I think for me he's redefining what heaven on earth as it is in heaven, what that looks like. And so we're doing things we've never done before in ways that we've never done before. And I feel like he's in the middle of it all. I really, really do. And so I think there's ah is an invitation to look for the places toe be expected. And, like, that's exciting to me. And hopeful is to say, how is God going to shake something majestic and glorious out of this? Quite honestly, this mess. That's right. Yeah. That's a very large

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piece of wet clay for him to work fit, that's for

spk_1:   24:59
sure. Yeah, Yeah, yeah,

spk_0:   25:01
yeah. We love you guys. Tony. Appreciate you. We appreciate great centers, will.

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So we love you guys, too. And we love the We love the oaks family. Uh, really? Yeah.

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All right. Well, we appreciate that so much, Tony, thank you for being with us there. Now, let's talk about just a couple more things. You know, we talked about this last week that that God has given us a promise of rest, and I actually just wanted to share some scripture with you. One of them you saw last week. A couple more. I don't think you got to see last week, but I would love for you to think about this this week. How do I enter into rest and rest Doesn't mean that you don't work, but it's a quality of life that you work with. And, um, I sound like an expert. I'm not. I'm trying to send my one. I'm not. This is This is actually the question that I'm asking is the Lord. How do I access this? Here are the things we know about it. Number one for week. We only for I'm sorry for only we who believe can enter into his wrist for on Lee we who believe can enter into his wrist. And this is what it says right here. There remains then a Sabbath. Rest for the people of God for anyone who enters wrist also wrists from their works. Is that interesting? Just a God did from Hiss. You guys know God worked and then he wrested from it. But somehow there's a wrist that continues fury This whole chapter there's arrest that continues for God's people. And it's funny because it says this. Let us therefore make every effort. You know, the king James says, Let us labor to enter in that wrist. I think that's kind of a play on words a little, don't you? So we're gonna labor. You're going to strive, strive to do this. Strive to inter end to God's wrist like every effort. So now um, gonna move into our time where we just remind you about giving You can give the yolks dot award slash giving or you can text them out. 2 44 oaks give and let me just say this. Thank you for you Guys here continue to give and time. You know, one thing I've thought about with this this is something that that I that I stay cognizant off is that when I am tired ing I and tying myself with heaven's economy, tithing is kind of like rest. There's a there's an element of trust that comes with it. I rest and stop working on the Sabbath or try stops driving, trusting that the Lord is gonna take care of me. But then also I tied. I give my finances to the Lord because I trust that he can do more with my 19%. I know you guys have heard that before. If you'd like to text, you can give or if you want to mail in, you can just millet into just a second. Two big There you could milled into 22 01 executive part dry like a 3680 one. So man. That was a great word from Tony on. The other thing I'd like to say about that before we enter into our our worship time is that principle where they rested on the seventh, the year kind of a forced time of risk. I wanted to let the land rest. You know, maybe the Lord wants to let you wrist the land being you. And the whole purpose of doing that was to help the land become more productive again. That was the point. And just like, you know, farmers have crop rotations or even now, allowing their land of ST follow it allows the soil time to recover. And that's my prayer for you today is that this would be a time of recovery. Now, I know for some of you guys you have to work very hard, and I know for me we have continued to have toe work quite a bit. But at the same time, there's been a it's just been a different speed. And, um, I feel like I'm starting, hear myself think a little more, to be honest with you, and I believe in this for you. I think there's a revelation that God has for us to enter into his wrist. And really, it's about the finished work of the cross, isn't it? It's about God finishing. But the thing I was gonna say, though, before we wrap up is that God provided everything that was needed in that 60 year before the seventh year of re esten. I just wonder. I wonder if they're resource is. I wonder if there things that are at your disposal already. You know, the greatest resource that you have in your life is you. Besides the Lord of the Holy Spirit, it's your mind. That's your ability to think. It's your ability, the plan, your ability to innovate. Those are all things that God has given you in the 60 year, if you will. Um, so let's explore that. Let's think about that. Um, will be starting a resume calls shortly. I invite you to join in on that. Listen, let me tell you something. For those of you who might feel a little bit bashful, there is a setting where you can turn your video off and you can just listen in. Of course, I love seeing everyone's face. This has actually been a source of life. For me, the last couple Sundays has resumed together. That's funny term. Anyway, um, I look forward to seeing you shortly on the zoom call and thank you, Annabelle, for our music today. That was very nice and nail. I want to start a, uh, worship song in fact, in Find it. And now a song that I have for us today is called Graves in the Gardens. My elevation worship Let me just give them a shout out. Thank you. This is to anyone that I've showed their YouTube video in our interactive church service. Um, we appreciate you. Thank you. Body of Christ for sharing your gift with us. And, uh, one of the reasons I love this song I'm gonna share at least part of the time from the video is there's exuberance. There's for more information about the visit the oaks dot org. Thanks for listening