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5. Bread, A 5 Minute Guided Devotional, Episode 5, Made for Influence

November 13, 2022 Josh Hallmark Season 2 Episode 5
The Oaks
5. Bread, A 5 Minute Guided Devotional, Episode 5, Made for Influence
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 Bread is a guided devotional series. And my intention is to help you connect with God, meaningful way in about five minutes.

God made man in his own image. What does that mean? For insight, check out this episode.

I'm Josh, and this is Bread. Bread is a guided devotional series. To help you connect with God in a meaningful way. All about five minutes.
This is episode number five. A couple things in though as we enter this time together is that we'll have a verse, and a meditation on that verse. We'll say
the Lord's prayer together. Then we'll make declarations, for our day.

Thanks for joining.

Here's the verse: Genesis chapter one verse 27.
It says this,"So God created human beings in His own image, and the image of God created them male and female He created them." something to know that when God created we can look at Genesis chapter one,
created the animals. Separate separated day and night process, the indie crowd is creation by saying I'm going to create something that's like me, says that he made us in His image. Up to this point, at least what we know from looking at Genesis one. Is that what is the image of God mean, or what did he show was in his image well. One of the first things we see is that God was, he was, he was bringing influence he was exerting influence to this outside work. And so I think that's one of the first things that we can say is that we are created for influence. God was creating. It was making me speak shaping his work. And God I believe that's how you design in our very cool. We are created to take care of. Great order things just like God was doing in the creative process, says this in Genesis 215 God took the man, and he put him in the Garden of Eden, to work. There it is, to work and to take care of. You see, God has his hand on you, be somebody who can work and take care of things that are within your sphere, your garden, if you will. God has put us in a place where we can manage. Or it can work, or we can cultivate, or we can take care of where we can influence. Not your thoughts for the day. I want you to know that you were made for influence you were created for influence. You were created for me for
now. For a prayer time together.
Would you pray with me.
Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, Your will be done.
As it isn't. Another way
to say it in our garden in our sphere, as it is.
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil. Make these declarations together. Are you ready.
I can do this.
God is with me.
I made for
selecting our C. What is God is spring quarter and light into my life.
But I want to reproduce. Thanks for contributors. And thank you for taking part in brand. I'm glad that we were able to do this together.